the world's awake

by Georgia Fair

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20% of all sales going to WIRES bushfire relief.


'the world's awake' is Georgia Fair's third album, written in Melbourne, realised in London and sealed on the south coast of New South Wales in a converted tractor shed.


released January 16, 2020

Written by Jordan Wilson and Benjamin Riley.
Produced by Benjamin Riley, Jordan Wilson and Todd Dixon.
Additional production by Paul Conrad and Jacob Welsh.
Mixed by Todd Dixon.
Mastered by Adam Dempsey.
Photography by WILK.
Design by Noémie Benit.


The light was soft blue, you would be forgiven for thinking it was somewhere in England as the rain started to drizzle. Though it wasn't England, it was somewhere in Sydney's North in the back yard of the Benjamin's family home. They were kicking or throwing a ball of some description, trying to prevent Monday morning coming sooner, because it meant they had to be back at school. Jordan would make the venture to the Riley home most weekends to play music with Benjamin and his brother.

Skip forward March 18, 2010. Georgia Fair's first time in Texas, green as the edamame beans that they didn't order. Complimentary from the fancy Japanese place that they charged to the new company card they had acquired. Ate them whole, skin and all, spat them out just the same. Fresh from recording what would be the first of two albums in the US. The first "All Through Winter" near the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina with mentor & guru Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses). The second "Trapped Flame" in Los Angeles with pork pie Ted Hutt & musicians from the bands of the likes of PJ Harvey.

The outfits changed but the nucleus stayed the same. Great songs. Authenticity, travel & adventure. Incidentally they did find themselves in England. First in the town where Benjamin was born. Second in London where Jordan lost his shit a bit. Sharing a shoe box of a studio with a fake fire place that they transcended to keep the Georgia Fair flame burning.

Like so many of their musical heroes they traversed the Indian Ocean looking for new landscape and inspiration, what surmounted was some of their best writing to date. 'The World's Awake' is the latest glimpse offered by the effervescent Georgia Fair.


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Georgia Fair Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: (k)no(w) way out
(k)no(w) way out
Track Name: slave to nothin'

It’s only getting harder
It’s only growing deeper
The hedge is getting taller
The maze is growing weaker

I’m walking on water
It’s turning to ice
You better think twice
Before losing all order

Brother Kin
Long Live the King
I will not slay him
But I will slave to nothin’

Call me a liar
Call me thief
Call me anything
Cause I am on fire
Track Name: boredom and laughter
Off and away
Off to a day he invented up on his inventing machine
He set up his sail
And ripped it back down
Just to see if his life had a meaning

He’s storing his life in a pigeon hole
He’s figuring out where’s he’s gotta go
He’s thinking it’s all just a show
Cause the last 7 years aint’ exactly what he bargained for
All the boredom and laugher (All the boredom & Laughter)

Half way to see
He’s falling asleep
When a book caught his eye
That he thought he must read

Perched on a stool
It was open to
A page that made sense of his life as a fool


When he Awoke
The lump in his throat
Made sense of the words
That he wrote in that note
He gazed on toward
Back to the shore
And chose not to post that note back to them all
Track Name: wasting time
I can only see so far into the distance
I can only see so far into the haze
I know that you’ll come back running when it suits ya
I know you’ll come running back one of these days

So I’ll think about the perfect place to meet ya
And I’ll call you when I find it on the way
And we’ll sit and smoke a ciggie in the bleachers
Try our best not to scare ourselves away

Wasting time
There’s no time

There’s a perfect ending floating in the distance
There’s a perfect ending floating in the lake
Got a better chance of laying with persistence
In a bed that’s never going to be made


Hello, my sweet desire
Farewell, my sweet denial
Track Name: russian mouth
A Russian mouth
Filled with blood
An empty house
Filled with love

We’ve all gone out
To the party
We’re all worn out
It’s time to go home

So come get weird
Show no fear
It’s just a trip
So go with it


In the Ocean
Come on breathe, in the night.
Track Name: mystery trip
Where do I find myself at such an hour
At my bruised feet falls the petal of a flower
Only a scent so sweet
Can heal my wound so deep
Under a creeping heat I feel myself cower
She’s too delicate to touch
I fear she might break
Lady Pocahontas, wait’s by the lake
Without a hair out of place
I reach to untie her lace
But lady Pocahontas shies away again
I am ashamed

How do I find myself at this conclusion
I’ve been searching for an end
Banging my head up against
The changing of the tides again

It’s not our fault that we are both lying
And fighting
This tiny little room
We both avert our eyes
But there’s no where to go, oh
Lady Pocahontas did we get it right?
Or do I gotta sleep alone again tonight?
Track Name: bloodline
Give me another

I been out searching
For battles in the night
I learnt my lesson
There’s nothing there to find

What you see is what you’re gonna get
What you get is what you’re gonna see
I hold good company
But it’s all the same to me

Give me another chance
I need another lifeline
I need another lifeline
Give me another chance
I need to feel the bloodline

I tied some string
Around her wrist before she left
I knew that one day it’d break and she’d forget
It really aint that bad cause
Nothings as it seems
It’s all the same to me
And all my company


Line, line, line
Line, line, line

It’s all the same to me
Cause nothings gonna take me higher
It’s all the same to me
Cause nothings gonna take me higher
Track Name: the world's awake
On the day that I was born
I was cut off from my father
Told I had one brother
And it’s for these men that I do mourn

Little was the fortune owned
But stronger grew my skin and bone
And I grew tired of bein’ alone
So left in search of a new home

After time I could not rest
And I learnt of monks and thieves except
There came a stirring in my chest
To chose which one would suit me best

Oh the worlds awake tonight

When it was said I found my feet
I crawled upon on old oak tree
And settled gently underneath
For several years I did not laugh I did not weep

All I saw a women’s face
And I tried my best to leave no trace
But she would haunt me with her chase
To foreign lands and colder places
To foreign lands and colder places

After cloud and all her storm
Restored my figure back to norm
It seemed my fate had been for-warned
That pleasure’s taste had pain in store
That pleasure’s taste had pain in store

Circles trace my entrapped mind
And they led me right back to a time
A metal pole ran down my spine
Behind my eyes I could not fight
Behind my eyes I could not fight
Track Name: (k)no(w) way out ii
(k)no(w) way out

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